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Soft Launching Tap On Bus Reader on Transjakarta Lower Deck

Monday October 3rd, 2016, Aino Indonesia accompanied Transjakarta to introduce a new bus variant that will serve the citizens of Jakarta. One unit of “lower deck” Scania Transjakarta bus shown in the Jakarta City Hall. Scania Bus K250UB Cityline 2 assembled by Autobody Laksana, Ungaran, Semarang, Central Java has number of differences and features that were not possessed by previous Transjakarta buses. This new bus is much lower than Transjakarta buses in general so it can accommodate shelters in Jakarta that were not covered by the busway lane.

In addition, the lower deck can also help the elderly and people with disabilities embark into the bus. people with disabilities are helped by the middle door bus with wheelchair ramps.

Inside the bus, there are two units Tap on Bus Reader, attached at the entrance and the middle door to decrease amount of line of people to do tap in and tap out. Tap in is used to mark the passengers and the starting point for the calculation of tariff while tap out is used to pay travel expenses which is calculated by the distance.

Tap on Bus Reader is a payment device developed by PT Aino Indonesia as a financial technology company. In addition to modern and futuristic design, the brand on the device is also functional as it shows the tapping area to passengers. Tap on Bus Reader can be used by using electronic money cards issued by the bank such as Mandiri e-money, BRI Brizzi, Tapcash BNI, BCA Flazz, Megacard Bank Mega, JakCard Bank DKI, as well as other cards such as Jakarta Smart Card to pay.

Previously, Aino Indonesia has also implemented electronic money system integration on gates in Transjakarta shelters to facilitate and speed up the payment process on this public transportation. In the future, the payment devices from Aino Indonesia will support any form of electronic money payment as an act of supporting the National Non-Cash Movement (GNNT) declared by the Bank of Indonesia.