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Soft Launching Bandung Smart Card

big-77018858166-bandung_smartcityBandung Smartcard Sof Launching held on December 14th 2015 at Bank of Indonesia West Java Representative Office. Attended by the Mayor of Bandung Ridwan Kamil, the Government of Bandung, and Bank of Indonesia. Bandung Smart Card is a tool for non-cash payment of Bank Mega, Bank Mandiri, Telkom, Bank BRI, Bank BCA and Bank BNI. As explained by Rosmaya Hadi the Head of Bank of Indonesia that Bandung Smart Card will effectively ease people in non-cash transations quickly outright as an identity and access card.

Ridwan Kamil also said Bandung Smart Card is expected to help Bank of Indonesia in minimizing cash transactions. This is align with the program of Bandung in favor of the National Movement of non-Cash to realizing Bandung Smart City in the future. Bandung Smart Card will be prioritized in education sector payments. Ridwan Kamil’s expecting that Bandung Smart Card can suppress people’s habits in using cash transactions.

According to the Indicators of Inclusive Financial, Bandung is one of the economic center in West Java. The financial institutions in Bandung has reached 2415 banks with 84.936 EDC. Compared to the number of population 2,39 millions and 168.000 km2 area means that each financial institutions serves 992 people in 0,07 kmarea.

In the Soft Launching of Bandung Smart Card, Aino represent some products with non-cash payments such as Terminal Parking Electronic and Vending Machine that can be tested using Bandung Smart Card. Bandung Smart Card has multi purpose for identity cards, access card, payment and electronic tickets in a single card with the emerging of information technology.