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Aino Indonesia in Information Communication Technology Festival 2016

JogjaPass platform and Jogja Istimewa apps have been Officially announced by Chief Communication and Information Services of Yogyakarta Ir Rony Primanto Hari, MT and Deputy Governor of Yogyakarta Sri Paduka Paku Alam X. The ceremonial was celebrated along with The 5th Information and Communication Technology Festival at Grhatama Pustaka Yogyakarta. This festival is an annual event of Indonesia ICT Volunteer and Ministry of Communication and Information, which was held on 16-17 September this year.

JogjaPass is an integrated system platform developed by Aino Indonesia and Gamatechno. The flexible system integration makes this platform can be linked to various public services and facilities in Yogyakarta.

Director of PT Aino Indonesia, Syafri Yuzal became a speaker in a seminar with the topic “People’s Active Role in National Development through Implementation of Less Cash City Concept”. In his speech, Syafri Yuzal explained that the community can use electronic money to pay public facilities while the data generated by these payment can be used by government to make decisions and also increase revenue.

Visitors can feel the implementation of Less City Concept because demo showcases displayed by Aino is designed as real as possible as the application in the real manner and the visitors can feel the experience in dealing with the use of electronic money (UNIK). Showcases demo presented were Access Gate, Electronic Parking Terminal, Tap on Bus Reader and Drink Vending Machine, completed by the display of data transaction occurred in the exhibition area.

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