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AINO Indonesia Goes to Japan

big-48010658985-ntt_dataOn 9-12 March 2016, Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (JAIST), an institute that has stood since 1990 organized EU-Asia Security and Networks Symposium in Ishikawa, Japan. Ishikawa is located in the eastern part of Japan and in the region of Mount Hakusan, so it’s quite far from the hustle of the city. Quiet and peaceful surrounding makes a conducive environment for JAIST to develop and do technology research, not to mention the latest and fully equipped laboratory there.

The event, which lasted for four days discussed various matters related to innovative technology for networking and security and the challenges of implementation in Asian countries and the European Union. Plenary event lasts for 9-10 March 2016, consists of wide variety of topics ranging from embedded systems, network systems, new paradigms in wireless communications and information security. Later on 11-12 March 2016, JAIST students showed their presentation, and continued by presentation from JAIST Tokyo Satellite about information security and Smart Grid sessions from Mitsubishi Electric Corporation.

Director of PT AINO Indonesia, Mr. Syafri Yuzal was invited as speaker at the symposium, which was attended by academics, researchers and industrial enthusiast from Asian countries and the European Union.

In his presentation, entitled Towards Smart City Development in Indonesia: Opportunities and Challenges, he highlighted the progress of technology-based smart city in Indonesia.

In the event, AINO Indonesia got a rare chance to meet Professor Tadashi Matsumoto, known by Information & Signal Processing Theory, and Professor Khairul Anwar, known for his OFDM-based 4G telecommunications system (Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing). Professor Khairul Anwar is an Indonesian who is currently work as lecture and researcher at JAIST.

AINO Indonesia also had the opportunity to discover the concept of strategic and long-term partnership between universities and industries which are widely applied in Japan. For example, the partnership between JAIST and Koden Electronics in joint research about technology products, that will be patented and marketed by Koden Electronics in the Olympic Games 2020 in Japan.

Koden Technology which consist of 150 employees, in cooperation with JAIST researchers conducted researches and development aiming algorithms and programming output. The concept is that the main researcher of JAIST involve several researchers who are also studying their master and doctoral at JAIST. Due the long-term partnership, if the main researcher almost finish their study, the should seek for successor to continue the industry research so that this strategic partnership can be sustainable.

In addition to the invitation by JAIST, AINO Indonesia also conducted a business visit to the headquarters of NTT DATA. Currently, AINO has established business cooperation with NTT DATA Indonesia for the application of multi issuer non-cash payment based system and monitoring system for the Vending Machine.

Mr. Junji Kawahara, Director of NTT DATA Indonesia went to Japan to introduce AINO Indonesia to middle and top management of NTT DATA Headquarter. NTT DATA is a global company which provides technology solution for communications, transportation, energy, and public infrastructure. Many opportunities for strategic cooperation between AINO Indonesia as a financial technology company with NTT DATA which powerful in IT infrastructure business.