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AINO Indonesia and Gamatechno Enliven Kartini Day

big-20450192689-dsc_0226_resizedAINO Indonesia celebrated Kartini Day event which falls on April 21, 2016. “Equally Great” was the theme that committee picked to encourage the spirit of Kartini in empowering women interest in Indonesia, and also to increase the quality of relationship between Gamatechno and AINO Indonesia. AINO Indonesia is a subsidiary of Gamatechno which incorporated to Gama Multi Group. Most of AINO Indonesia and Gamatechno employees participated in this event. The event last from 8 a.m to 12.30 p.m. To make the event more exciting, cooking competition and karaoke competition were added.

Competitive fun was the atmosphere that the committee wanted to emerge. Cooking competition is started first, and the participants have to make Mie Godhog. The contest consist of 16 teams, with every team consist of 2 persons, 1 main chef and 1 chef assistant. Every team tried to make their Mie Godhog passionately and in the end of time given, all of the contestant gave their Mie to the judges. The best three teams were Dhimas and Ajeng from AINO Indonesia as the 1st winner, followed by Joko and Asna as the 2nd winner and Novi and Dinsa as 3rd winner.

The next competititon was karaoke competition, with 14 couples in total. The judges were Directors of AINO Indonesia, Hastono Bayu Trisnanto and Syafri Yuzal, Finance Manager of Gamatechno Reni Nurika Andayani and Research and Development of Gamatechno Novan Hartadi. Karaoke competition was dramatically happened because all of the participants hava great vocal, but the judges have to decide which team will be the winner. Finally, Amran and Anita from AINO Indonesia was the 1st winner, Novi and Septi from Gamatechno as the 2nd winner, Hengky and Dela as the 3rd winner. All the winners got their prize as a form of appreciation. The event concluded by  photo session and handing gifts.

According to Tri Apriyanti, HRGA Assistant Manager, Kartini reminds us that equally great means women should as bright as men in searching for knowledge and wisdom, but not to compete against them in order to decide who’s better or higher. Women should be a partner in sharing ideas, visions, equally stands for a better life and make better, smarter generation.